Enriching The Soul of England

My good friend, the famous nudist, explorer and naturalist, Sir Thumper Dung heard that I was writing this journal for the underclasses. He described it as a

Snob Blog

Well, I have to disagree. I am no snob. I come across servants, travelling tinkers, shop keepers and farm labourers all of the time. Sometimes I even talk to them.

Indeed, I hope that some of my most fervent readers will hail from those less fortunate than me, so that I may enrich their lives in some small way. It is my little contribution to fair England. My hope is that I may help in fertilising and strengthening the root that is our English Oak.

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  1. Sir Thumper Dung said,

    March 14, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    My dear Lord Daft

    My trusty butler, Gilbert, whom you’ll remember from that little fumbling episode whilst searching my cellar for a bottle of 1989 Chateau Lafite Rothschild, has alerted me to a slanderous comment on your web-log. As you know, I am not a fan of the modern-day Babbage machine; I prefer to glean all the news of the Empire from the crisp, ironed pages of The Times.

    Gilbert showed me a copy of your latest entry and I am apoplectic with rage. To remind you – for you are a sparrow-minded gentleman at the best at times – your latest entry suggests that I have little conversation other than subject of my extraordinary friendship with the marvellous Dr. Appleborough. As you know, I am always happy to confess that I do indeed have a deep-rooted admiration for the Doctor but I take great exception to your comments Daft. I can converse on a wide range of subjects with the lowest manservant to the highest levels of the Aristocracy. Only the other day I chatted for hours with a young fellow on the highway between Bristol and Gloucester. I do not recall the exact nature of our conversation but, as a consequence of our discourse, I am now a member of a wonderful gentlemen’s club called G.A.Y. I am led to believe this stands for “Gentlemen and their Yarns”. So there you have it Daft, proof if any is needed, that I am indeed a fellow with a varied palette!

    So, Daft, I expect a full apology to be published in your next web-log entry. I shall instruct Gilbert to look out for it. And as you know, Gilbert has a beady eye.

    Most sincerely
    Your friend

    Sir Tumper Dung

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