A Jolly Spiffing Day

Well, yesterday was a jolly spiffing day.

Lord and Lady Piles Collarbone invited us to their new town house in Bath. They proudly showed us where they had cleared the labourers cottages away so that they could build the house of their dreams. It is always heartening to see fellow aristocrats have a vision and not let trivilaities get in the way.

This is despite an attempt by the labourers to protest against Lord Piles and claim that they had lived in those cottages for generations. Lord Piles retort that he was from a long line of philanderers that went all the way back to the Norman Conquest thankfully won the day and the magistrate found in his favour.

Furthermore, their cook made a feast which I will remember for as long as the alcohol allows me to. I have a good mind to lure her away with the promise of a sovereign to come and cook for me at my country pile.

Today has been equally spiffing. The sun shines on the righteous and I have donned my boater and gone for a punt around my lake. It has put me in such a jolly mood, I think I will go to the Steward and tell him to put the rents up.


  1. Lady C said,

    March 28, 2007 at 8:57 pm

    It would take more than a sovereign to lure away my Cook. She is a Treasure and has cooked many a Lemon Meringue for generations of Collarbones. However, nothing to prevent your future august presence at our future dining table if you promise to only sample her culinary delights. 🙂

  2. A mere hanger on to the coat-tails of Milord and Lady Collarbone said,

    March 29, 2007 at 10:38 pm

    Dear Sir, I was most intrigued to come across your rather amusing discourse via that most modern of contraptions – that thing called Twitter – just the other day. Is this fellow for real, I wondered. You may find it gratifying to know that I have subscribed to your blog (what an ungainly word, what?) via my feed aggregator (another ghastly modern phrase). Meanwhile, unbeknownst to any of us, it appears that we have had Milord and Milady in common all along. When I read this morning of your banquet at their new domain, I was astonished to see their names. And this evening, by happenstance, when I was perusing Milady’s blog I see you mentioned in her blogroll (will these horrors of the language never cease?). It confirmed to me that indeed the blogosphere (again, the butchering of the English language) is a very tiny place. I remain your humble and most absequious servant, Madame Yum-Yum Butterfly

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