Sir Thumper Dung

I have already mentioned my good friend Sir Thumper Dung in relation to his slanderous comments regarding my journal as a Snob Blog.

Here is a picture of him on one of his many expeditions with only a couple of small indigenous boys for company.

Sir Thumper Dung

On the whole he is a good chap. He searched yonder African dale and desert for the naturist missionary Dr Appleborough. Sir Dung is the old bean who uttered the immortal words upon finding the Doctor in Lake Tanganyika:

“Dr Appleborough, I presume.”

However, of Sir Dung’s many faults (my dear reader, you would find his long list of faults impossibly tedious to read), it is his obsession with Dr Appleborough that threatens the sanity of all who know him.

When he has one too many glasses of vintage port, he will start a monologe about the virtues of the Doctor. After his eigth glass, he will attempt a shoddy impersonation of the Doctor. We chuckle with him in order to help keep his upper lip stiff and his chin up, but we know that all he yearns for is an evening by the fire with The Great Man …….

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