Letting Loose One’s Heir

Our local sage, wit and bon viveur, Sir Stuarte Vivir has permitted his spare a solo jaunt around the back streets of Bath this very morn. He has debated whether to send his manservant on the young chaps trail in order to prevent him falling into mischief.

I remonstrated with Sir Stuarte that such a course of action would not be required. One must let ones heir a free reign to enjoy the temptations of the adult world at the earliest possible age. The local blacksmith happily sends his three year old up a chimney so that a turnip can be put upon his table, so should not a small chap with good blood be given the liberty to enjoy the good things that only a city can confer?

I happily recounted to Sir Stuarte my first experience of being let loose in the seedy enclaves of Bath. Within minutes, I managed to sniff out Miss Tinkle’s establishment. I had a rare old time and had experiences that still bring a smile to one’s face. The experience has put be in good stead ever since and set me on my way to enjoy a long night out without the need to fall into the gutter.

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