Digging up one’s memories

Due to a month abstaining from the soup, our good friend, Canon Coch is lacking inspiration. He is desirous of questions for his new journal which informs the great unwashed of the ways and methods of the gentleman farmer.

I understand he is entitling his new journal, Digging Up One’s Memories.

I have the the following suggestions:

1) At what rate does one raise the rents to one’s tenants each year so that they can just afford a bowl of gruel each day but not a roast on the Day of the Lord

2) What size cup is your favourite milk maid endowed with?

3) After a hard day watching over your labourers tilling the fields, what tipple do you order from your manservant as you rest your aching limbs in your favourite leather armchair?

That should suffice for now. If you have any pertinent questions, I am sure the Canon would be curious to hear from you.