Carriage Rage

As you know, I have recently purchased the very latest Penny Farthing. My good friend Major Nicholas Steward always has the latest bycicle and seeing as he will be visiting us at our estate in Wiltshire in a few weeks, I felt that I must have the largest front wheels possible. Besides, I think I look remarkably dandy sitting atop the bycicle in my top hat and tails.

Anyhow, I thought that I would take the Penny Farthing for a spin in town and give the horses a rest after last night’s race around The Square with that frightful cad, Austin.

Well, I was aghast at the state of the roads. When will the Aldermen do something about the potholes and the beastly mud? I was riding around one of these potholes when suddenly a bear of a man in a rather plain carriage had the temerity to blow his fog horn at me and utter all manner of expletives. Why is it otherwise placid people become monsters in carriages and think that they own the muddy track? It’s the type of behaviour one would expect from working class type of chap, but not someone who owns a carriage (albeit a plain one).