The Kodswallop Club Reunion

I sauntered up to the metropolis yesterday for a jolly reunion with my old comrade Kodswallopers. An evening of high jinks was anticipated and it did not disappoint.

The chaps were little changed. Baron Schmidt was still in need of a few pies, McFungus whittered on and on about matters of little consequence and Hummus was full of bravodo.

Unfortunately, Austin failed to attend as he was a little emotional. In all likliehood he would have wept. Such effeminate behaviour would have led to a ducking in the Serpentine.

McFungus provided the main entertainment of the evening. As those who are acquainted with him know, he can be a little overwrought and should things not please him, he will make the servants aware of his displeasure.

The latest contretemps was due to the sudden disappearance of his top hat. He searched hither and thither willing to accuse anyone who crossed his path of being a cussed tea leaf. A waiter then advised him that said hat had been tidied away and was residing in the cloakroom.

At this, McFungus stormed downstairs to collect his belongings only to be asked to pay for the privilege. The chap was enraged and launched an acerbic tirade against all small minded jobsworths who dared impede him. At this a rather large bruiser decided that it was time for him to take leave and he was given a rather solid kick up the behind landing on the pavement outside with his top hat following swiftly after him.

That was the last we saw of him. The next day he sent a rather obsequiois telegram rueing his behaviour and imploring us not to blackball him.