My Name is Daft

I am Daft. Lord William Daft. Bred from long line of Daft’s.

Lord William Daft

As true as an English Oak, loyal to all the Kings and Queens of England and proud owner of the very latest Penny Farthing.

I am a gentleman who neither cares nor understands what a weblog might be. I am more at home with a pipe in one hand, a glass of claret in the other and a leather bound first edition on my knee.

However, my manservant thought that I should be heard as I clearly have nothing better to do. So, rather than soil my hands with writing, I regale him with pithy tales, whilst he enters a state of reverie as he listens to my beautifully balanced utterances. Soon he takes up quill and ink and we arrive at this published page.

I may as well be blunt, as we will all become firm friends very soon; I do find the modern ways distasteful. I yearn for the days of high tea, rotten boroughs, top hats and a good spanking when one has done something naughty.

But, I am open to new experiences, and I hope that you, my dear readers will join me as I journey through the modern world with a smell under my nose and a bee in my bonnet.